Getting started
When you start the program all lists on the screen will be empty.
Now there are two options to load the 'services' and the 'bouquets' files:
1. If it's the first time you use DreamBoxEdit (or when you want to start with the fresh Dreambox files again, for instance after you did a new transponder scan on the Dreambox) you can choose the FTP option to get the file-set from the Dreambox.
On the FTP functions screen first choose browse to select (or create) the directory to hold the files on your PC.
Make sure the correct IP-address is entered and choose Receive to get the files to your PC. The progress (and, hopefully not, errors …) are displayed in the FTP log window.
2. If the file-set is already on your PC you can just choose Open to select the directory where the file-set is located. Be aware that you only have to choose a directory and that you cab NOT select the files themselves. Both 'services' and 'bouquets' files must at least be present in the directory. After selecting the correct directory you can click OK to load the file-set.
Above the services list there are two pull down boxes: Type and Satellites . They define what services are actually shown in the services list.
All three lists on the screen (services, details and (user) bouquets) have there own popup menu with the options specific for that list.
In all lists you can start typing a name and the list will scroll to that name (so, type ZDF without too many pauses, and the list scrolls to ZDF).
You can start a search through the services list (on all columns) by clicking the 'Search' button beneath the services list or by pressing Ctrl-F. To repeat the search (search for the next occurrence) press F3.
By selecting a bouquet the Detail window will show the list of services in that bouquet. You can now manually sort the services in that bouquet by dragging and dropping services within the detail window.

Clicking on a column header in the services list sorts the view on that field.
Most options accept multiple selected lines!
How to edit
Editing is basically done by dragging and dropping items from one list to another. Services can be copied with Cut & Paste (either right click or use Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V).
For instance: you can drag and drop:
- entries from the services list to:
-> the details list
-> a (user) bouquet in the bouquets list
- entries from the details list to:
-> the details list itself (to change the order of the services within that list)
-> a (user) bouquet in the (user) bouquets list
- entries from the bouquets list to:
-> the other sections of the bouquets list.
You can Cut & Paste:
- services to, from and between the services list and the details list,
- as above, between multiple instances of DreamBoxEdit.
Editing Service details
On the main screen you can right-click a service in the services list and select 'Show/Edit Details'. On this screen you can change ALL settings of the service, including transponder settings and the various PIDs.
Sort order and sorting entries yourself
The Dreambox normally automatically sorts most lists but this doesn't apply to the user bouquet entries. So DreamBoxEdit allows you to put the services in a user bouquet in any order you like.
The standard Bouquets are normally sorted by the Dreambox when displayed on screen. However, after you change the order of the entries within a standard bouquet with DreamBoxEdit, the Dreambox with not do that sort anymore.
When you use drag and drop to add services or bouquets to the user bouquets, the dragged item will be inserted before the entry that's highlighted when you drag the item over it.

Within the user bouquet itself you can use drag and drop to move items to the desired place. If this place is outside the current view, move your mouse pointer (while dragging) to the top or bottom of the list to scroll the whole list up or down.
The Open option lets you select a directory on you PC where the file-set to open is.
The FTP option let's you:
- retrieve the file-set from the Dreambox,
- send a copy of the file-set from your PC to the Dreambox,
- reboot or reload the Dreambox (to activate the changes).
The arrows beside the FTP button can be used to retrieve or send the files in a quick way with a minimum of dialog screens.
The Save option lets you save the changes you made.
The Options option gives you a screen where you can set some preferences.
The Files options shows you what files are present in the directory you choose with the Open function.
On this screen you can choose to discard you're changes and restore the last saved versions of the files or to restore to the files to the state as they came originally from the Dreambox.
The Log options lets you inspect the changes you made since you started the program and the errors the program found. You can save that log to disk.
The Help option shows you the help info you are now reading.
The About options shows you the version number of this program and the credits to other people helping me.
The Exit options lets you leave the program. If you changed the data but didn't as yet save it, you will be asked if you want to save before exiting.
Clicking the LlamaWare DreamBoxEdit logo opens your Internet Browser and directs it to the DreamBoxEdit internet page. It's an easy way to check for a new version of this program.
Extra options through the menu bar

The Import option let's you import individual User Bouquets or SatcoDX settings files from a directory on your PC.
The Export option let's you export Services and Bouquets in a tab-delimited format.
The Tools provides some extra functions like:
- updating or editing the satellites.xml file,
- comparing the loaded file-set with the current set on the Dreambox or another set somewhere on the PC,
- clear ALL parental Locks..
The Language option lets you select a different language for DreamBoxEdit itself.